Ethiopian Foreign Minister Meets With UN Envoy To Somalia

Nick Biyooley iSgoroy ComRegional Humanitarian Security and safety news Dr Tedros holds talks with the UN Secretary General Special Representative to Somalia

The Ethiopian Foreign Minister Dr Tedros welcomed a delegation headed by Nicholas Kay, the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative to Somalia.

The Ethiopian Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros noted that Ethiopia remained firmly committed to help bring a lasting peace and stability to the Federal Republic of Somalia, and added that it was important to make sure that the country remained “up and running.”

He emphasized the need to show the world that “slowly but surely” Somalia was evolving into a country of peace and stability.

Noted that IGAD Members States were enhancing the partnership and coordination required to support Somalia’s peace and state building, Dr Tedros mentioned the IGAD-facilitated meeting, due to be held in Djibouti on May 24

Mr. Kay, who welcomed Ethiopia’s efforts in helping Somalia’s transition from conflict to peace, said that Ethiopia together with IGAD Member States and other peace actors in the region had been doing “excellent job” in the process of bringing peace and stability to Somalia.

Mr. Kay, who was accompanied by Ambassador Maman Sidikou, African Union Chairperson’s Special Envoy to Somalia, emphasized the importance of further coordination and cooperation by the international community to continue to make progress in Somalia.